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secure Android OS

Currently, the smartphone market has grown in such a way that it has millions of users around the world, regardless of their social or economic status. This is largely due to the accessibility that devices have for their different price ranges and hardware range.

However, one of the great difficulties lies in the fact that, despite the technical specifications that the smartphone may contain, this does not exempt it from the risks and dangers found on the Internet or connections to computers that violate its security. It is not exempt from being infected by viruses that, in the worst case, may damage it or subtract personal information from its memory. There are some tips that can help you to secure android os from getting infected.

Tips to Secure Android OS

Among the tips that can be given to prevent a cell phone from being infected by a virus, the following stand out:

  1. Avoid doing banking transactions or sending data of very important applications using public Wi-Fi networks, since they may be vulnerable based on their configuration, allowing other users to see and collect information.
  2. Avoid downloading suspicious applications, usually disguised behind names of known applications. This can be evidenced through small defects or errors in the description, logo or creative company, since google services, for example, do not allow <a href="">data duplications</a>.
  3. Always read carefully the permissions requested by each application, both when it is executed and when it is downloaded. Within them are specified the data that will be required, such as mail, GPS, Bluetooth, etc., and when they will be used.
  4. Refrain from installing suspicious applications, specifically if they are purchased outside the legitimate Apple iOS store or from Google Play store, since they may have been altered at the code level so that according to their description, they perform a function, but actually, do something else behind of the screen.
  5. Try to use Antivirus obtained through genuine companies, to increase the chances that the device is not infected by a virus. Antivirus can help you to secure android os from malicious links, apps.
  6. In the worst case, when the phone is apparently infected, you can proceed to restore the device to factory mode by means of the function usually located in the "configuration" menu. A virus symptom may be that applications have stopped working properly or at all.

Apart from the fact of the risk of Malware contagion to the cell phone, there are also other problems that are often confused with them, then some recommendations for such cases are presented:

  1. In the case that the cell phone shows that the application has stopped working, consult that it does not require an update since periodically changes are made in its code to improve the performance or add new functions.
  2. It is very important to keep informed about the technical specifications of the applications because it can happen that when the same is updated, the smartphone doesn't meet the necessary requirements. This can lead to the application ceasing to work.
  3. In case the application that is throwing the error is a native device, such as Gmail, Maps, Google Play store, etc. It is most likely that the data has been corrupted. For these cases, the easiest solution is to restore the device to factory mode.
  4. As happens with computers, with time and use the hardware goes down and it is necessary to change the device. Usually, the battery stops working properly and the equipment slows down.
  5. It is advisable not to leave the cell phone plugged into the charger after it has reached 100% of the battery charge since the life of the same deteriorates to continue connected once fully charged. This is because inside it is usually composed of Lithium, a degradable material with the use that works just like a battery in general terms.
  6. Cleaning the cache and temporary files can help the cell phone work better, this function can be done through the "apps" menu within the cell phone settings.
These tips will help you to secure android os based devices from getting infected.
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