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What is Cloud Gaming and Why everyone is loving playing it? - UniPrimeTech

Whats is Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is in hype from the past few days. We have seen launches of several cloud gaming services from some tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Parsec. Nearly every giant in the gaming industry is working on the Cloud Gaming Platform (CGP) and it looks like it is going to be the Future of Gaming industry. You might be thinking about what is cloud gaming and how its gonna revolutionize the entire gaming industry.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Today if you want to play a game on your device, you need to download & install it first. Your game will look as good and run as smooth as the processor in your device.

With Cloud gaming, you don`t need to do any of the following processes. Just select any game icon and start playing it.

Cloud gaming also called gaming on demand is a method of playing video games online using the power of servers owned by a different company. Just like you stream your videos on YouTube or Netflix or Amazon Prime similarly your video games are directly streaming from the datacenters of a company located elsewhere. You don`t need to own any specialized hardware for playing games, just tap the play icon and you`re ready to play. You don`t need to hustle for downloading, installing, buying a gaming console kit.

In short, it is as simple as searching cloud games on Google, opening a webpage and tap any game icon you`d like to play, that`s it.

You can use Cloud Gaming service on any device whether it is your normal TV set, a tablet, PC or a regular smartphone. As we know Streaming videos on YouTube require an internet connection similarly playing cloud games also requires a steady internet connection.

 With Cloud Gaming, you can experience up to 4K games running at 30 - 60 frames per second (FPS). Isn`t it mind-boggling? 

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How does Cloud Gaming work?

What is Cloud Gaming

In most cases, Cloud gaming requires a subscription plan it can be on a monthly or yearly basis in order to get access to services. Some Cloud Gaming Service Providers (CGSP) gives access to a few free games with the purchase of their service. For additional games, you need to pay.

Subscribers need to open an app for their cloud gaming service from where you can select any game of your choice you wish to play. Rather than downloading the game and additional content, you can begin playing immediately as these games are running on remote servers owned by a company from where you bought your monthly subscription plan.

These servers are fully loaded with high-end PC components allowing you to play games smoothly without experiencing any lag. These remote servers do all the heavy computing for you and send a video stream to your device. Believe me, this is all done in a fraction of second.

Your controller or whatever device you`re using to play sends input actions to the server, this server does all the computing and sends back video stream to your device. 

Cloud Gaming Service Providers (CGSP) continuously upgrade their hardware and software with time removing the worry that your device is not able to run the latest game. It is similar to youtube, you just own a device, click on any video and its video stream is sent to your device via youtube hardware.

Your gameplay data is saved in the cloud storage,  so you can switch your device any time you want and have access to the same data files.

Nowadays CGSP also provides their controllers (optional) which you need to connect with your device to play games. In the case of Google Stadia, you can connect it with your device via a Wifi connection, while with Microsoft xcloud you can connect your device via a Bluetooth connection.

Google Stadia, Microsoft XCloud, Parsec Cloud, Nvidia GeForce Now, Paperspace have already developed their Cloud Gaming platforms. Sony, Amazon, and Nintendo are currently working to develop their CGP. Tencent (Developer of PUBG Mobile) is also developing its own CGP.

When did it all start?

In 2000, G-cluster first showcased the idea of cloud gaming technology at Electronic Entertainment Expo also referred to as E3 (an event for the video game industry) but due to lack of infrastructure and poor internet speeds, it took several years for its implantation.

In March 2010, OnLive (First Cloud Gaming Platform) was officially launched and its service started in June. OnLive used micro-console (a type of small low-cost controller for playing video games) which was able to run several games available at that time. Due to quality issues, it was not able to survive. Sony Computer Entertainment acquired OnLive`s patents.

Gaikai (American high-end video streaming company) followed shortly thereafter with its own video game streaming service and was shortly thereafter acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in July 2012 for $380 million.

Sony used the work experience and technology of these acquired companies and launched its first game streaming service called PlayStation Now in 2014. Soon PlayStation made its mark in the market.

Currently, there are two main types of Cloud Gaming: video-based cloud gaming and file-based cloud gaming. 

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The Best Cloud Gaming Services Available Now

What is Cloud Gaming

There are tons of cloud gaming service providers out there but only a few are best in this segment. These are some recommended cloud gaming services for you.

1. GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service provided by Nvidia. GeForce Now comes with over 400+ games and it is one of the most impressive Cloud gaming services available now. With digital stores like Steam and Uplay, you will be able to play any game from your existing PC gaming library or buy one in just a couple of seconds.

The best part of GeForce Now is that there is no maintenance required. You don`t have to wait for driver updates or game patches. You can instantly install any game on your cloud and enjoy playing. It has already made its mark in the market with its attractive performance and amazing graphics.

GeForce Now has an ultra streaming mode which increases its streaming speed from 60 fps to 120 fps. You can do everything with a single GeForce account. You can access your favorite games from your Mac PC, Windows and Shield TV. You can play games from your existing device and don`t worry about hardware, GeForce will handle it on their own servers.

Currently, it is in beta mode, so if you want to play you need to request access. One thing you should always keep in mind is that whenever you want to play any cloud game you need to make sure your internet speed is above 10 Mbps.


A single account enables gaming on Mac, Windows, and Shield.
400+ ready to play games.
You can choose games from your gaming library also.
With Ultra streaming mode latency is reduced.


It is currently available in beta mode only.
Pricing hasn`t revealed yet.

2. PlayStation Now

With PlayStation Now, you can play 700+ PS2, PS3 & PS4 directly on your PC. New games are launched every month so that you don`t get bored with the old ones. PS Now comes with a monthly plan of $19.98, there is a 7-day trial available also.

Additionally, PS Now gives you access to unlimited downloads to tons of games so that you can enjoy playing on your PS4. Some of the PS exclusive games include God of War, The last of the US and Bloodborne. You can enhance your gameplay by purchasing additional add ons. 

PlayStation Now is priced at $19.98 for 1 month. If you purchase a 3-month subscription you will be charged just $44.99 and for a 12-month subscription, you will be charged just $99.99. PS Now is currently available in 12 countries like Austria, Belgium, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherland, and the USA.


700+ PS2, PS3, and PS4 available to play on PC.
You can get access to more than 250 PS4 games.
Add ons and enhancements are also available.
Ultra mode to decrease latency.


Unlimited download access is only available for PS4.
You need to have your Own PS4 controller to access this.

3. Parsec 

Parsec is another Cloud gaming service provider but it is different than others. You can install Parsec on any cloud gaming machine to enhance its performance. Parsec also gives you gaming PCs in their cloud gaming market, so you can play games anytime from anywhere with anyone.

With Parsec, you can play your preferred games from any place with low latency at 60 FPS. It connects two devices to let you play your games from anywhere on any equipment.

The best advantage Parsec gives you is that you can choose to buy a monthly subscription or just pay for hourly usage. Isn`t that great? Depending upon your server host, your hourly charge will be around $0.50 - $0.80. If you liked playing it then you can go with a monthly subscription that will cost you around $40 - $50.


Multiplayer mode is also available.
You can pay for hourly usage.


You need to set up and install games on your own.

4. Shadow

Shadow is a premium video game streaming service currently operating in the USA. Shadow cloud service gives you a rich gaming experience as you would get in a high-end gaming PC. You can play games on any device, just install shadow app on it and you`re ready to play.

Shadow cloud service recommends at least 15mbps of internet speed for the best experience. It delivers high performance and you can play 4k games on without any hustle.


 Shadow app can be used on all devices.
You can play games even on your 5-year-old PC. 
Ultra mode to reduce latency.


Available only in some parts of the USA.

5. Google Stadia

In this year, Google announced that it is going to enter the cloud gaming market. As we all know whatever google does, it does on a massive scale. It's not out yet but we can expect a high-performance gaming service from Google.

You play Youtube videos on a single tap similarly you will be able to play any game with just a tap. Imagine if you`re watching a video game streaming on Youtube, with just a tap on play icon you will be redirected directly into the game.

You can play games from anywhere but it needs a high-speed internet connection. You can enjoy playing games with up to 4k resolution at 60fps. 

Each Stadia server will have a 16GB of RAM, a custom X86 CPU & a GPU that will be stronger than Xbox one X and PS4 pro combined.

Stadia will be one of the best ever cloud gaming service available in the market after all tech giant Google is backing it.

We will keep you updated. Exact details will be available after its launch.

6. Vortex

Vortex-cloud gaming is one of the high demanding cloud game services. Vortex has 100+ titles in its game library and its requirements are simple. You can use it on Windows, Android, and iOS also. 

Some of the most famous titles include Far Cry 5, Fortnite, PUBG, and Doom among many others. The best part of Vortex is if you`re a newbie like other cloud gaming services you don`t need to do any setup. Just signup and select your device, games are ready to play.

It is the most economical cloud gaming service available in the market. For a monthly plan, you will only be charged $9.99 with full access to all services and if you don`t enjoy playing it you can cancel your subscription without any issue.


Available on all devices
More than 100+ games are ready to play
Most affordable CGS in the entire market
Easy for beginners


No free trial available

Which is the best Cloud gaming service from all of these?


Cloud gaming is a way of playing video games online using the power of hardware owned by a gaming company. It makes a lot easier to play video games anywhere and anytime with the full processing power of cloud computers.

This was all about what is cloud gaming and its working. Go and experience cloud gaming. Free trials are available. Leave your thoughts on this.

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